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Stitch single row/multiple rows images into 360 degree spherical and cylindrical panoramas, and export standalone
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27 August 2010

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This software lets you to create photographs by stitching together multiple photographs.

Panoweaver creates panoramic views by stitching together single row/multiple rows images taken by normal lens, wide angle lens, and fish-eye lens. You could stitch photos together manually. You will need to specify matching points, of course. Spherical and cylindrical panoramas are created automatically. You could get a full 360 degrees or a partial panorama. This view can be exported in many formats that include SWF, Flash VR, QuickTime VR, and Java-based VR tours. The 360 degree panoramas created circular fish-eye outputs. d fish-eye view photos. It is possible to create virtual tours through other software tools. The six cube face images are also created from cubic panoramas. The professional and batch editions of the software creates HDR image from Bracket exposure or from Camera RAW files.

This software is for the professionals without a doubt. Professional photographers who understand the implications of the various lens effects, and implications of the panoramic views and possible distortions only are really qualified to use the tool appropriately. Thus, if you have the need and have qualified people to operate the tool then this is something to actually try out. Your workflow can have implications which come out only on actual trial. The photographs thus created can be used in web sites easily and you could create navigation links through hot spots and pointing them to specific URLs. If you include SWFs then the preloader can be easily customized.

Publisher's description

Panoweaver is the world-leading panorama stitching software. This version supports stitching single row/multiple rows of normal and wide-angle photos. Both spherical and cylindrical panoramas can be created automatically. Besides stitching panoramas, Panoweaver also exports 360 panoramic images into standalone swf, Flash VR, QuickTime VR, and Java-based VR tours. Main Features: 1.Stitch normal photos and wide-angle photos 2.Automatic stitching and manual stitching are supported 3.Stitch photos to spherical and cylindrical panoramas 4.Stitch photos to partial panorama/wide-angle photo 5.Stitch single row and multiple rows of photos 6.Blending features, adjust exposure values automatically. 7.Export panoramic images to standalone SWF, full screen Flash, QuickTime and Java VR tours 8.Support removing tripod from panorama by using additional shot. 9. Provide selection of stitching parameters 10.Support output of six cubic images Normal photo stitching with Panoweaver 6.0 Standard edition is quite easy. Before shooting your digital camera, you should first calculate how many photos you need to take if you want to get a panoramic image. After calculation, adjust nodal point for your equipment, and take the photos. If you just want to stitch a few photos to a wide-angle image, you don't need to calculate the above photo numbers. Just take several continuous photos and stitch with Panoweaver to get a wide-angle image. Automatic stitching and manual stitching are both supported in Panoweaver 6.00. Automatic stitching is applied when there are enough matching points between adjacent photos; when there are not enough matching points, manual stitching should be applied to insert matching points manually.
Panoweaver Standard
Panoweaver Standard
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